Ros Leyden

I believe we all have a river of strength and courage.  That we as mums, are creating the future that our children will live in – through the way we interact, who they watch us being, the lessons we teach and the people we are supporting our children to become.

This starts with us being the best us that we can possibly be, and for that, we need a village – a tribe.  The first step is nurturing and caring for ourselves.  Surrounding ourselves with other incredible, strong women, and supporting each other.

I also know it’s not always easy!

For working mums (whether you’re working at home or somewhere else) there are many balls to juggle in the air!

Overwhelm can take over, exhaustion and burn out are so common.  Our health can suffer and so can our inner selves.  We can start to wonder who we are, what we’re doing here and how we can possibly turn it around.

I know, I’ve been there!

A while ago I was thrown around by a serious chronic illness for years.  I lost all trust in my body and in my own ability to deal with what life was throwing at me.  When my first child was born, I was unable to lift him, as I was so weak.  My experiences with pre and post natal depression had me wondering if I should even be a mum, and maybe my family would be better off without me.

My determination to never let my kids down and to be the best mum I could possibly be, led me to seek other answers than giving up.  As you are doing here!  Learning about human behaviour, understanding why I was reacting the way I was and what was driving my thoughts, emotions and behaviours has completely turned things around.  I was able to apply my knowledge of child development and behaviour management through my years as a teacher – to start to build the life I want for my family.

Through my experiences with chronic health conditions, severe anxiety and depression I know intimately the impact that these have on not only our lives, but the lives of those we love and cherish.  I also know that no matter what our experiences and challenges, we do not have to be at the mercy of our environment.  I can take on whatever I need to, in order to create the life we dreamed of having – and so can you!

I believe this so deeply and so passionately that creating resources for working mums to really take care of themselves, understand themselves and support each other, is my vision and my purpose. 

I am not a rah-rah kind of coach.  I work with creating space for you in your life again, reconnecting back to yourself deeply, remembering what matters to you and re-creating who you are and who you want to be.  I use a range of modalities depending on what you want and need, and what honours you and where you are right now.

I would love to connect with you!