To be..

I have seen so many posts and advertisements lately about “having your best year yet” and “what do you want in 2016?”

It’s fairly standard and par for the course, being a new year and all that – We kind of accept it as a given and even stop now and then and ask ourselves…

“What do I want this year? I know what I don’t want! I don’t want that extra weight I have put on – or the new sleeping (or should I say NOT sleeping) pattern my 2 year old has adopted!”

Something to that effect anyway. Some will even have actual answers. “I want my business to take off… I want to find a job I love to do… I want to feel more happy and at home with myself… and of course… I want to increase my fitness/health”

I’ll be completely honest with you… all that looking forward what do I want business hasn’t been floating my boat this year.

Yes, I have goals. Yes, I have dreams I want to fulfil. For some reason I was finding they aren’t making my heart jump the way it used to.

So I asked myself a different question.

“What do I want to contribute in 2016?”


WOW! That made my heart skip… on a few different levels – joy, fear, anticipation… That question I can answer with excitement!

However, then the question comes up – What do I have to offer? Can I really give that much to people? Do I actually that much value to offer? – Well… that will trip you up!

Then I came across a video from a friend and colleague Andrew Pearce. He has been reading “A new earth – Awakening to your life’s purpose” by Eckhart Tole and was conveying a part about the ego and it’s desire to play a role or function.

In this section of the book, Eckhart is saying not to go about trying to define ourselves or become anything in particular, but to be “a stream of conscious presence”. Being there for someone – which is of immensely more value to them, than playing a role can ever be. When we are playing a role or engaged in trying to be something for someone, we take focus away from the other person, and it becomes as much about us as it does about them.

Could “just being” possibly be enough?

Could it be ok for me to be fully present and fully open as nothing other than “me” – my presence?

Could I risk the possible rejection, or judgement of not living up to other people’s expectations?

I think if I truly want to contribute… If I truly want to be a successful human being – the answer has to be yes!

And again… to be brutally honest with you… typing that out actually brought tears to my eyes. Yes, I feel fear and anticipation and excitement every time I step out of my comfort zone too!

So my intention for this year, is to be me, fully present and fully there for others. Not about becoming more of anything, or being more this or that (although that will naturally develop through doing the things that are important to me), my focus is to focus and be…

… and trust that that is more than enough.

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