I hear and see gratitude spoken about often on social media, and everywhere really… and I understand why! It’s pretty bloody important. Sometimes though, I feel it can be a bit fluffy and out of reach for us commoners – and it can almost feel as though it is forced and unnatural.

Like… I’m not allowed to feel pissed off or hurt or lonely, I’m supposed to be grateful! Look for the silver lining… see the good in everything!

To me that approach is BS! Sometimes I can’t see a silver lining right now, and that has to be ok. Otherwise we get stuck in feeling “wrong” or “not good enough” because we can’t talk ourselves out of, or rationalise what we are experiencing.

Feel what you want to feel! Act how you want to act – of course these choices have consequences, and sometimes it isn’t easy to be grateful.

Practicing gratitude every day – finding small things to be grateful for is not just about fluff, or about denying how you feel… it’s about allowing your heart to have a voice. Not your emotions and your ego – although sure – hear them out. I’m talking about your heart! It’s about having that child-like wonder and awe and excitement about the things that DO matter to us, that tend to get missed in our day-to-day crud.

The feeling of love for my daughter, asleep in my arms after a long screaming match at bed time.

The flower I am instructed to take home and put in a special place by my son on my busy and hectic morning.

The understanding smile given to me by the stranger watching me push a full trolley around the supermarket while talking to a friend in need on the phone.

All the people who saw and noticed the huge stain (that I hadn’t noticed) on my jumper today, and didn’t make a show about it because we all carry “mess” around with us as we go about our days.

I could go on forever! However when I first began this journey I struggled to find one… and that’s ok too!

Finding things in our days, becoming sleuths for joy and goodness in our lives, allows us a freedom otherwise so restricted by all the “have-tos” and the pressures and the worry.

So if you were to find ONE THING that has fed you or served you today… something you have heard or seen or felt… what would it be?

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